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This edition: astrology memes, roller-skating magic, summer-approved spaghetti and more.

Flying solo: See what canceling her wedding taught writer CJ Hauser about what she really needs in this knockout of an essay, via The Paris Review.

What do you meme: Are astrology memes actually low-key ways of acknowledging our deepest feelings? Hear from one of the most-followed makers at The Atlantic.

On a break: Writer Amelia Diamond tried to kick her morning-scroll habit and spent a week going screen-free, first thing. Read about how it went over at A Cup of Jo.

Roll with it: Pure. Joy. Aka this interactive story about roller-skating BFFs, care of the New York Times.

Light, bright: This summer-ready take on classic pasta bolognese is just…*chef’s kiss*. The recipe’s waiting for you, thanks to Bon Appétit.

Word: iktsuarpok (n.; Inuit): that feeling when you’ve got people coming over and you keep checking to see if they’ve arrived (we say, just relax and make them a big bowl of pasta ^).

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