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Weekly Roundup: What To Read (And Do) This Weekend

This week: special in-store treats for Insiders, a scientific excuse to take a nap, the perfect pesto recipe and more.

Lost in the sauce: Chef Samin Nosrat heads to Liguria, Italy, where she learns why using a mortar and pestle makes *the* best basil pesto. Read all about it in the New York Times Magazine.

Life in plastic: The Collins Dictionary shared its word of the year, and spoiler alert: It speaks to the world’s plastic problem. Get in the know over at NPR—and if you’re ready to reduce and reuse, check out our new super-earth-friendly Packable Puffer.

Zzzz: Go take a nap. For creativity’s sake. Artsy explains why it’s scientifically proven to give you better ideas—and also Dalí used to do it, so you know it’s legit.

Book it now: Love escaping into a good story—and, y’know, literally getting away on vacation? Then this list of Airbnbs with picturesque libraries will make you veeery happy. C/o Condé Nast Traveler.

First dibs: Insiders, start the gift shopping season right and visit our special in-store events this weekend. Get early access to our 25% off Black Friday sale, plus nab a limited-edition pouch with every purchase and other special goodies. Timing depends on your store location, so make sure to get all the deets right here. Bonus: Pop by any store on actual Black Friday, November 23rd, for chocolate treats—if you find a golden ticket, you could win big (like free jeans for a year, big).

Word: friolento (n.; Spanish): someone who’s always, always cold. (Feel familiar? Warm up to our cozy coat selection.)

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