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Weekly Roundup: What To Read This Weekend

This week: Cutesy chatter, artsy kittens, teensy pouches and more.

Generation green: Why are millennials so obsessed with houseplants? “Plantfluencer” Summer Rayne Oakes (yep, that’s her real name) explains how they quell our modern-age anxieties in this quick-yet-pithy video, via The New Yorker.

Chitchat: Another millennial coping mechanism? Cute-ifying everyday language. See why certain verbal tics are helping young adults feel secure, in The Atlantic.

Cool cats: If you’re not into plants or baby talk though, a cuddly kitten is just as comforting—inspiring, even. This photo collection of famous artists and their feline muses proves it, on Artsy.

Weird science: Alternatively, you could just stay in bed for 60 days. And get paid by NASA to do it. Get the (sleepy) scoop at NPR.

Woven one: When all else fails, do something with your hands. We’re eager to try this tiny pouch weaving project, by Rose Pearlman at Reading My Tea Leaves.

Word: pochemuchka (n.; Russian): a person who asks too many questions—like, “Can you ever have too much denim?” Obvious answer: “Nope.”

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