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Weekly Roundup: What To Read This Weekend

This week: Madame Bovary is a Gemini, Twitter is full of great advice, pre-batched cocktails are an excellent idea and more.

Literary stars: Mrs. Dalloway? A total Virgo. Cancers = Kafkaesque. Wanna know the classic protagonist that matches your sign? Head to The Paris Review.

Good talk: If you’d prefer to consult other people instead of the zodiac, this collection of “the best advice you’ve ever received” is a good place to start, all of it crowdsourced on Twitter and waiting at The New York Times.

Freshen up: Speaking of advice, this simple tip for making your shower feel like a fancy spa is a must-see, via The Cut.

Planet party: Share all this newfound knowledge with pals at your next dinner party—and might we suggest making the whole event zero-waste? Domino shows you how.

Guest of honor: If you’re attending rather than hosting, though, maybe you should “roll up to the party with a whole bottle of old-fashioneds.” Bartender Al Culliton demystifies the idea of pre-batched cocktails over at Bon Appétit.

Word: sgrìob (n.; Gaelic): the itchy feeling you get on your upper lip right before taking a sip of whiskey. Don’t overdo it on those old-fashioneds, OK?

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