Presents Of Mind: Talking Holiday Gifts With Joyce Lee & James Ryang

Joyce Lee & James Ryang
Joyce wears the Chambray Classic Ex-Boyfriend Shirt in Mazzy Wash, Whisper Cotton Long-Sleeve Crewneck Tee in Lynda Stripe and the Maternity Skinny Jeans in Cordova Wash: Adjustable Edition. James wears The Classic Jean Jacket in Black, Garment-Dyed Daily Crewneck Tee and the Slim Jeans in Washed Black.

Gear up for the most wonderful time of the year with us (!). We’re getting ready by chatting about all things presents with some of our favorite people. First up is our head designer Joyce Lee and her husband, photographer James Ryang. Read on for their shopping tips and check out their picks from our gift guide.

Joyce Lee

Hi Joyce, hi James! What are you two most looking forward to this holiday season?
Joyce: We love traveling back to California to visit our families! It’s an annual tradition to start at my mom’s place in the Bay Area and take a road trip to LA to see James’s family.
James: Definitely. It’s always fun to stop by Big Sur, Santa Barbara or Ojai on our way down south.

What are some favorite gifts you’ve gotten each other in the past?
Joyce: Now that we have our own family, I’m starting to get more sentimental about gifts. What I love most are photos, photo albums and things that bring back memories.
James: Joyce likes to get me clothes with more color—I’m mostly monochrome when left to my own devices.

And how about this year—what’s on your wish list?
Joyce: I’m all about experiences like massages, weekend trips, special meals together…
James: Agreed. Plus, more nights off to go see a movie or live music.

James Ryang

Got any holiday shopping tips to share?
Joyce: I’m a big online shopper—and it’s fun ordering from my favorite stores that also gift wrap, then getting them shipped right to the recipient! When we travel to California every Christmas, I ship everything there so I don’t have to pack all the gifts.
James: Yeah, shipping ahead definitely makes things more convenient. I’d also just add that a little bit of time and consideration goes a long way—resist the urge to procrastinate!

How would you describe the perfect present?
Joyce: Thoughtful, something with a sense of humor and a personal touch.
James: A hug from Poppy! [Ed. note: Poppy’s their adorable daughter.]

Thanks, Joyce & James. Go ahead and shop the couple’s favorite picks from our gift guide below.

shop their picks

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