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What Joyce Is Loving For 2020

As we head into a new decade, we picked out the top wardrobe must-haves everyone needs to start fresh. When it comes to the essentials beyond your closet, our head designer, Joyce (who has really great taste, btw), shared what she’s excited about for 2020—clothing-wise and otherwise.

“Plane tickets to California! We have family everywhere from San Francisco to Santa Cruz to LA, so we’ll definitely be making a few trips to the West Coast.”
“As for tunes—I’ll have Cigarettes After Sex on repeat throughout the year.”
“Beautiful hand-blown pieces by BaleFire Glass. So dreamy.”
“Animal. Printed. Everything. I simply can’t get enough. Especially socks and comfy shoes!”
Rosé: not just for summer. I’ll be sipping on it from season to season.”

Thanks, Joyce. Want more from Team Madewell? Check us out. Ready to revamp that wardrobe? Shop our new arrivals.