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3-in-1 If By Sea: A Bedford Convertible Parka Adventure Story

The ocean was sparkling in the early morning sun. He’d packed light—just a solar-powered phone charger, four hastily assembled PB&Js (chunky, raspberry, multi-grain), a case of boxed water, some swim trunks, a yo-yo (he was a regional championship finalist in junior high) and his Bedford Convertible 3-in-1 Parka. “Take me to Antigua,” he told the GPS as he slipped on the quilted bomber and untied the dock line.


Things were off to a great start, with dolphins frolicking synchronously in the wake of the vessel and sea turtles high-fiving him off the starboard bow. “What do you call a seagull that flies over a bay?” he joked to the terns hovering by the sail (answer: a bagel!), and they all fell down in fits of laughter. Then suddenly, the birds disappeared. He felt a change in the air as he watched the cotton candy clouds turn gray. A storm was a-brewin’. Ducking below deck, he grabbed his trusty hooded rain jacket just as the first drops fell and commended himself for being prepared.


He slept deeply that night, dreaming of blue skies, warm breezes and reggae covers of top 40 hits. His journey was nearly complete—and that Caribbean cuisine would taste even sweeter after what felt like a year of stale sandwiches. Peeking out of the porthole, he saw those azure skies and hurried out of the aft cabin. But something was amiss. The deck was slick with a thin layer of ice. He could see land off in the distance—but those weren’t people crowding the shore—they were…emperor penguins!


It seemed technology had failed him, navigating the boat to Antarctica instead. The universe works in mysterious ways, etc. So he fastened together his two jackets into one superwarm parka—able to withstand temperatures of -9°F—and carefully stepped ashore, where he was immediately welcomed and fawned over by the entire rookery. Next time, he thought, I’ll take an analog compass.

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