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It’s almost our favorite holidaaay: Galentine’s Day (!). In celebration, we asked our team to wax poetic about the women they l-o-v-e working with—and two Dolly Parton references, an anecdote about dollhouse furniture and a pizza roll exposé ensued.

FROM: Mia, copy connoisseur

TO: Jen, brand creative boss

IF JEN HAD A THEME SONG: “You Were Meant For Me” by Jewel

FUN FACT: She once booked a trip to Mexico City so she could bring back a suitcase full of dollhouse furniture.

HOW SHE GETS ME THROUGH THE DAY: I love when I hear her laugh out loud from three rows away as we chat online about something silly.

FROM: Julie, denim design expert

TO: Kristen, denim production pro

IF KRISTEN HAD A THEME SONG: “Barbie Girl” by Aqua

FUN FACT: She’s one year older than me, but she’s basically my mother 😂

HOW SHE GETS ME THROUGH THE DAY: She always compliments me and teases me about small things, but I love that about our relationship.

FROM: Jayna, copy connoisseur

TO: Coco, design genius

IF COCO HAD A THEME SONG: “9 to 5” by Dolly Parton

FUN FACT: She loses the same earring every single day and finds it in the same place every single night (the shower).

HOW SHE GETS ME THROUGH THE DAY: We sit across from each other so I can pop up (aka prairie dog) and ask her questions all day long, plus she’s always down to order matzo ball soup with me.

FROM: Remi, design coordination whiz

TO: Lisa, executive assistant extraordinaire

IF LISA HAD A THEME SONG: “Tiny Dancer” by Florence + The Machine

FUN FACT: She sees Mariah Carey perform at Madison Square Garden every year.

HOW SHE GETS ME THROUGH THE DAY: Sending me pics of the cute stuff her son is doing, answering all my calls and texts, bringing in something delicious she’s baked.

FROM: Lisa, executive assistant extraordinaire

TO: Remi, design coordination whiz

IF REMI HAD A THEME SONG: “Mama Said Knock You Out” by LL Cool J (as in knock out the day—nothing can stop her from getting things done)

FUN FACT: She is super warm and friendly but NOT a hugger.

HOW SHE GETS ME THROUGH THE DAY: Her overall positivity and snacks!

FROM: Brynn, merch maven

TO: Hannah, also a merch maven

IF HANNAH HAD A THEME SONG: “9 to 5” by Dolly Parton

FUN FACT: She’s low-key sad that she missed the holiday party at the pizza place downstairs.

HOW SHE GETS ME THROUGH THE DAY: She’s always there to listen to my dumb stories, chat about Riverdale and go to Griddle’s.

FROM: Hannah, merch maven

TO: Brynn, also a merch maven


FUN FACT: She got exposed in a meeting with our whole department for buying Totino’s Pizza Rolls the night before because she accidentally left her receipt on the table.

HOW SHE GETS ME THROUGH THE DAY: She’s a constant support system throughout the day, a fellow Riverdale fan and is ALWAYS down to go to Griddle’s. [Ed. note: Do these two know each other or what?]

FROM: Kelci, social media savant

TO: Emily, copy connoisseur

IF EMILY HAD A THEME SONG: “Brown Eyed Girl” by Van Morrison (because I can actually see her heading to the beach with a transistor radio)

FUN FACT: She has the best unassuming laugh! It always feels like such a privilege when I get one out of her.

HOW SHE GETS ME THROUGH THE DAY: My job literally depends on her—she’s so fast with her work and never seems to get rattled.

Thanks for showing some love, team (!). Wanna get in on the Galentine’s fun? Shop our picks for you and your BFFs, plus join us in stores for special events.