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This edition: homemade bone broth, solo travel recs, the value in internet-speak, plus more.

Get a hobby: And remember, a hobby isn’t the same thing as a side hustle. Find activities to fill your off hours—just for the fun of it. C/o Vox.

Bowled over: Your Baby Yoda moment awaits. Learn to make bone broth at home thanks to Food52.

Speak freely: This take on how we express ourselves online (think: Ironic Capitals and ~squigglies around words~) shows just how adaptable language can be, via the New York Times.

Go it alone: If you’re in need of some me-time check out this list of cities perfect for solo travel, via Bustle.

Ghosted: Seen Little Women yet? Ever wonder what Louisa May Alcott would think of it? One writer did—and took a psychic medium with her to the author’s old stomping grounds. The not-so-spooky story is over at Vulture.

Word: vybafnout (v.; Czech): to jump out and say boo (looking at you, literary spirits ^^).

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