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5 Ways To Refresh In 2019, C/O Wellness Blogger Jules Hunt

Jules wears the Striped Tilden Pullover Sweater, 9” High-Rise Skinny Jeans in Berkeley Black: Button-Through Edition, Indio Sunglasses, Bandana, Simple Crossbody Bag and Harper Mule.

Whether she’s striking a yoga pose, strolling with her pup or whipping up a mug of matcha, Austin-based blogger Jules Hunt of Om and The City is all about keeping things happy and healthy. So we figured she’s just the right person for tips re: starting fresh in 2019. See how Jules is planning on hitting the reset button this year, from recycling her denim to giving Muay Thai boxing a shot.


“This year, I want to have more fun with my outfits by adding a few prints. I love my minimal style and clutter-free closet, but I’m also excited to play around—whether it be funkier shoes, spotted pants or even a new pair of frames for my glasses. Bring it, fashion.”


“I’m really excited to try weight training and Muay Thai boxing. I’m a yogi and a spin junkie, but I’m challenging myself to get out of the comfort zone. I want to feel more confident using equipment at the gym, and I want Muay Thai to teach me some real self-defense.”


“It may require a few extra steps, but composting is supereasy and I’m doing it for Mama Earth, which is what really matters.”


“I listen to a ton of music and podcasts, so I really should get into the audiobook thing. The last one I listened to was The Hobbit in college—sooo, yeah, it’s been awhile.”


“This is my life motto and an ongoing practice for me. It’s all about consistently editing everything down to what truly brings you joy and getting rid of the rest. Your closet is a great place to start—let go of what you don’t need, create space, be mindful of what you add back in. I’ll be dropping off my pre-loved denim at Madewell so it can be turned into housing insulation through the denim recycling program with Blue Jeans Go Green. Oh, and of course using the $20 thank-you to thoughtfully spend on new jeans.”

Thanks for the tips, Jules. Inspired to start fresh and clean out that closet? Learn more about how to recycle your old jeans with Blue Jeans Go Green™ and turn ’em into housing insulation for organizations like Habitat for Humanity here.

Plus, Austin friends can come and recycle with Jules at our South Congress store on January 20th from 1–4pm. You’ll get a special $30 towards new denim for each pair you recycle (yup, up from the usual $20) and there’ll be sips and snacks on hand too. See you there.

Photos by Hannah Haston

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