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Staff Picks: The Fall Denim Edition

Here at Madewell HQ we’re not shy about sharing our opinions, especially when it comes to denim. A few team members spilled about their favorite jeans—and, yep, we have a feeling you’re gonna love them too. Read on to see what we’ve been wearing on repeat.

Kristine, buyer extraordinaire

HER STYLE: Classic with a twist

THE JEANS SHE’S LOVING: The High-Rise Slim Boyjean in Cottontail Camo

WHERE SHE’LL WEAR THEM: During a fall activity like leaf peeping at Storm King or apple picking upstate!

WHY YOU NEED ’EM: They’re extra comfy because of the relaxed silhouette and stretch. Also, gotta love that camo print.

Courtney, digital marketing maven

HER STYLE: A casual mix of old and new

THE JEANS SHE’S LOVING: 10″ High-Rise Skinny Jeans in Hanna Wash

WHERE SHE’LL WEAR THEM: I’m a firm believer that you can style the right pair of jeans for just about any occasion. I could see myself wearing these anywhere from my favorite low-key watering hole, The Dead Poet, to a fancy-ish dinner party.

WHY YOU NEED ’EM: Supersoft? Check. Tons of stretch? Check. The perfect not-too-high, not-too-low rise? Also check.

Valeria, web design whiz

HER STYLE: Lots of comfortable jeans and lots of neutrals, guest-starring the occasional print

THE JEANS SHE’S LOVING: Cali Demi-Boot Jeans in Berkeley Black: Chewed-Hem Edition

WHERE SHE’LL WEAR THEM: Everywhere—to Prospect Park with some sneaks or on a night out with a heeled sandal

WHY YOU NEED ’EM: The high waist is a must! Also, as someone who tends to gravitate towards straight-leg and skinny styles, it felt like a great starter pair to ease out of my denim comfort zone.

May, jean design genius

HER STYLE: Low-key and tomboy inspired

THE JEANS SHE’S LOVING: The Dadjean in Brenford Wash

WHERE SHE’LL WEAR THEM: The question is where won’t I wear them?

WHY YOU NEED ’EM: They look vintage but fit even better. Plus they’re easy to dress up with heels and the right earrings, or dress down with sandals and a tee.

Virginia, copy connoisseur

HER STYLE: Relaxed and denim-centric with occasional adolescent boy vibes (but seriously, I own a lot of vintage kids’ sweaters)

THE JEANS SHE’S LOVING: Classic Straight Jeans in Jade Wash: Knee-Rip Edition

WHERE SHE’LL WEAR THEM: My new favorite Vietnamese joint in Greenpoint, Di An Di

WHY YOU NEED ’EM: They’re never-have-to-undo-the-top-button comfortable.

Ready to find your own future favorite pair? Head over to the Denim Bar.