We joined forces with superstylist Molly Dickson on an exclusive denim capsule inspired by the coolest people around, AKA the ones she dresses.


Madewell x Molly Dickson Denim Oversized Crop Shirt + Low-Rise Baggy Wide-Leg Jeans

The low-rise of the jeans were inspired by a styling hack Molly used on client Sydney Sweeney. “She tried on a pair of oversized jeans and we rolled the waist,” says the stylist. “We both looked at it like ‘ohh wow, that looks really cool.’”


Madewell x Molly Dickson Denim Shirt Jacket + Crop Tank + Denim Micro Mini

Her inspo: his closet.

“Whenever I have a boyfriend, I always end up wearing his clothes because oversized is just so much more cool. I love when these two are paired together as a set.”


“We were laughing and dancing, and it took us a while to get serious,” says Molly of the campaign shoot with client Camila Mendes. “I am not very comfortable in front of the camera, but Cami is a pro, so she put me at ease.”

Madewell x Molly Dickson Cargo Jeans

Her inspo: hardware.

“I knew that I wanted to incorporate little cool metal details,” says Molly.


Madewell x Molly Dickson Crop Tank + Double-Waistband Straight Jeans

Her inspo: two-tone denim.

“Somebody actually asked me if I was wearing two pairs of jeans at the same time,” says Molly. “It’s a very modern take on a classic.”


Camila was the first person to shop the collection, choosing jean shorts in what Molly calls a “mother-approved” mid-thigh length. “These were her favorite piece from the shoot,” shares the stylist. “She said, ohh my gosh, JORTS.”

Madewell x Molly Dickson Denim Bralette + Double-Waistband Straight Jeans

Her inspo: a sports bra.

“I love a low V-neck, even when I’m working out. I think it's so flattering when girls show their collarbones.”


Madewell x Molly Dickson Crop Tank + Crossover Baggy Jean Shorts

Her inspo: options.

“I wanted this tank to be thick enough for you to feel comfortable wearing it without a bra,” says the stylist.


The stylist also looked to her own closet for design inspiration: “All of my friends make fun of me, ‘Molly, do you own anything that's not cropped?’”

Madewell x Molly Dickson Cutout Baggy Straight Jeans

Her inspo: nailing the perfect peekaboo.

“We did a few trial and errors on the sample. It’s so cool that they're baggy and loose at the bottom, but they're really sexy on top.”


Madewell x Molly Dickson Oversized Overalls

Her inspo: her client Sadie Sink’s love of overalls and a ‘70s era image.

“I saw this vintage photo of oversized overalls,” says Molly. “I really liked the idea of snatching in the waist with the belt to make it a little bit more feminine.”


Madewell x Molly Dickson Crossover Baggy Straight Jeans

Her inspo: client Kelsea Ballerini’s love of high-rise denim.

“They hit you in the perfect spot to accentuate your waist,” says Molly.



Featuring Molly Dickson

Were you a creative dresser as a kid?

My mom told me, that ever since I could walk, I was changing my clothes five times a day. She's like, ‘We couldn't find you, and you would be in my closet trying on my clothes.’ I'm from a farm in North Dakota, so we didn't have access to shopping malls or designer stores. I didn't really understand what fashion was until I moved to New York.

Do you have any special denim memories?

When I was younger, I would always be cutting denim to like make denim shorts. I saw the movie My Girl and then tried to make the jean shorts that she was wearing.

What was it like to work on the collection with Team Madewell?

It was the most seamless process—I felt like I had almost full creative control. Everyone on the Madewell team has been so incredibly nice. I've done custom one-of-a-kind pieces with my clients for big events, like the Oscars and the Globes, but in those instances, we have to keep the designer’s vision in mind. With this, I could just share my ideas on what I think cool denim is, and you guys executed.

You are known for your attention to detail—which detail of the collection are you most proud of?

The placement of the labels. I knew I wanted a longer than normal label, and I knew I wanted to place it differently than everyone else does.

What was the most memorable part of the day?

My mom was there, and my mom never really gets to see me work. She hugged me afterwards and she was almost crying, it was so sweet. My dog was there too—everyone I love was there!

We’re obsessed with your dog Dakota! How often does she get to join you on set?

She is at my office all the time for fittings. There are so many mirror photos of my clients where they’re in the background and Dakota is in front of them. She thinks she's a celebrity.


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