The Madewell Assembly

Constance Tsang

WRITER/DIRECTOR, @constance_tsang

The Madewell Assembly

Constance Tsang

WRITER/DIRECTOR, @constance_tsang

The multitalented creative invited us to her Brooklyn neighborhood to talk jeans, procrastination and the importance of representation in film.

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In recognition of Asian-American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month, we donated $5,000 on Constance’s behalf to Garden of Hope, which provides support for abuse survivors in NYC’s Chinese communities.

Look No. 1

The Perfect Vintage Jean Short + The Signature Poplin Shirt + The Oversized Blazer

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The Skinny Flare + The Larsen Vest

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Feat. Constance Tsang

Describe your style in three words.

Masculine, practical, elegant.

What does denim mean to you?

The perfect jeans really change the way you feel about yourself and move around the world.

Do you have a special denim memory you’d like to share?

This is somewhat embarrassing, but I once brought my favorite vintage jeans to a tailor to repair. It ripped around the knee. Through my poor communication, I told her it needs to be fixed, but instead of patching it up, she turned the jeans into capris. I saw them and started crying actual tears.

If you could only keep one piece from the shoot, what would it be and why?

The Larsen Vest. I rarely wear vests, so this was such a great introduction to them. I feel like it elevated the simple tee.

Tell us about your creative process—what do you do to get yourself into that headspace?

I walk and procrastinate a lot before I actually sit down to do the work. I had to train myself to do this as I’m typically very disciplined with my writing hours, but I realized ideas come more naturally when I just let them come at their own timing.

In what ways do your roots influence the kinds of stories you choose to tell through film?

I’m driven by the people and Chinese community I grew up in. I hope I can tell stories that make them feel like their experiences are understood.

What does diversity and representation mean to you as a filmmaker?

It means everything and I say this without any irony—it means I can make films that are a part of the American cultural zeitgeist, it means jobs for people who don’t normally find themselves in these spaces and it means stories that expand our understanding of each other and of ourselves.

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