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Texture & Thread: The Magic Of Looking Put-Together But Feeling Relaxed


So maybe you feel your most chill while wearing a worn-in, extra-loved tee—but, alas, certain occasions require that you look more “put-together.” Well, don’t fret: our Texture & Thread was built on the idea that even elevated pieces should be as comfy as tees, so we combined ultra-touchable fabrics with upgraded, modern shapes. The result? Staple pieces that’ll still take your everyday outfits up a notch. But since you can’t feel them through the screen, we decided to help you picture just how put-together-yet-relaxed you’ll feel once you slip on our Texture & Thread styles.

  1. Like you just color-coordinated your bookshelves…then treated yourself with a 90-minute bath.
  2. Like your to-do list is a mile long…but you’ve got an extra-chill yoga session penciled in.
  3. Like you just reached inbox zero…from the comfort of a hammock.
  4. Like your weekly meal-prep game is on point…and you actually have time to enjoy lunch outside.
  5. Like you did your taxes a month early…while receiving a deep tissue massage.

Here’s to looking good and feeling good, friends. Check out all our Texture & Thread faves here.

Illustrations by Hannah Burch