The Madewell Assembly


We asked our local friends to be our guides to the city. See where they’re going (and what they’re wearing).

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The Madewell Assembly

Constance Tsang

WRITER/DIRECTOR, @constance_tsang


Content creator. See the look


Content creator and stylist. See the look


Content creator, cheese-bun lover, denim-wearer.

The Madewell Assembly

Constance Tsang

WRITER/DIRECTOR, @constance_tsang



The best vibes are at Bevi Bevi.

It is located on Vesterbro,

and has a fantastic atmosphere

in the summer.


My favorite place to eat in Copenhagen is at Mangia. I love their Italian dishes—especially their pasta.


Try the rollercoasters in

beautiful Tivoli Gardens, especially

in the evening when the lights

are switched on.

let’s talk

Featuring, Amalie Lundbek

What’s your favorite coffee shop and usual order there?

My all-time favorite coffee spot is at La Cabra in Møntegade. My usual order is their delicious iced coffee and a bun with cheese.

What’s your favorite off-the-beaten-path spot for a quiet afternoon?

Love to go for a slow walk in Frederiksberg Garden with my dog and my boyfriend.

What’s the best shopping neighborhood?

I think that depends. If it is vintage shopping, I would recommend the neighborhood called Vesterbro. Otherwise, I love to shop in the inner city at Kongens Nytorv.

What’s a tasty local delicacy everyone should try?

Everyone should taste Danish ‘smørrebrød’ or a good sourdough bun with cheese.

What’s an only-available-in-Denmark beauty product?

I really love the Danish beauty brand Woods Copenhagen. They make unisex products, and use organic ingredients found in fjords and forests. My favorite product is their vitamin face oil.

Who is your favorite local style follow?

I love to follow @josefinehj, @iliridakransnigi and @Sophiaroe. Their style is very timeless and classic.

What’s a Danish word every English speaker should learn?

If you do not know it yet: the word ‘hygge’, which means to create a warm atmosphere and enjoying the good things in life, with good people.

How would you describe Scandi style? What is your number one tip for achieving it?

My Scandi style is very classic and elegant. My number one tip for achieving it, is to buy timeless pieces, that you can use again, and mix with other styles.

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Stylist, natural wine enthusiast, expert layer-er.

The Madewell Assembly

Constance Tsang

WRITER/DIRECTOR, @constance_tsang



I love Italo Caffé. My usual order is a flat white with oat milk or a double-iced latte during the heat.


I am a sucker for good Asian food, especially when it is done with a Nordic twist. Jah Izakaya is delicious.


Near Kongens Nytorv, there’s an amazing designer secondhand shop [called] Magnolia’s Luksus 2nd hand.

let’s talk

Featuring, Alice Wang.

What’s the best spot for people watching?

Sit anywhere outside in a cafe or restaurant in Værnedamvej.

What’s the best place to find a gift for a friend?

You can never go wrong with a good bottle of natural wine; I definitely recommend BUDO Natural wine on Vesterbrogade.

What’s the restaurant with the best vibes?

Mangia! I feel like it’s a go-to place for everyone, even for the locals. You are bound to meet someone you know there, and it’s gotten that reputation. It’s a fast-paced, semi-loud spot, with delicious Italian food.

What’s a tasty local delicacy everyone should try?

Go to Hart Bageri and get a Spandauer ;)

What’s a tourist-y thing that is really worth doing?

Glyptotek, it is absolutely beautiful.

What’s the coolest neighborhood to spend an afternoon in?

Nørrebro! There are cute vintage shops and cafes everywhere; The Assistens Kirkegård is a beautiful park to hang out and walk in. I can also recommend Bar Vivant, a cool wine bar.

What’s a Danish word every English speaker should learn?

‘Undskyld’. It means ‘Sorry’. You’re going to be saying that a lot to the cyclists that yell at you because you’re standing in their bike lane. It takes a while to get used to.

How would you describe Scandi style? What is your number one tip for achieving it?

Scandi style is all about effortless-ness. My number one tip for achieving this is to invest in pieces that fit your body shape. This way, your wardrobe consists of only items that make you feel amazing and naturally, everything you wear will feel and look effortless.

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Look No. 2

The Skinny Flare + The Larsen Vest

Look No. 3

The Harlow Jean + The Brightside Tee


Feat. Constance Tsang

Describe your style in three words.

Masculine, practical, elegant.

What does denim mean to you?

The perfect jeans really change the way you feel about yourself and move around the world.

Do you have a special denim memory you’d like to share?

This is somewhat embarrassing, but I once brought my favorite vintage jeans to a tailor to repair. It ripped around the knee. Through my poor communication, I told her it needs to be fixed, but instead of patching it up, she turned the jeans into capris. I saw them and started crying actual tears.

If you could only keep one piece from the shoot, what would it be and why?

The Larsen Vest. I rarely wear vests, so this was such a great introduction to them. I feel like it elevated the simple tee.

Tell us about your creative process—what do you do to get yourself into that headspace?

I walk and procrastinate a lot before I actually sit down to do the work. I had to train myself to do this as I’m typically very disciplined with my writing hours, but I realized ideas come more naturally when I just let them come at their own timing.

In what ways do your roots influence the kinds of stories you choose to tell through film?

I’m driven by the people and Chinese community I grew up in. I hope I can tell stories that make them feel like their experiences are understood.

What does diversity and representation mean to you as a filmmaker?

It means everything and I say this without any irony—it means I can make films that are a part of the American cultural zeitgeist, it means jobs for people who don’t normally find themselves in these spaces and it means stories that expand our understanding of each other and of ourselves.

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